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Stub shaft - R112834.
Planetary gears - R92335
Axle in good condition.
Gear teeth in good condition.
Shaft splines and teeth good. Bearings in good condition.
Axle rotates smoothly.
Good used part.
  AR102236, AR102236, AR79991, Housing
R75718, R64323, Marked Housing
R111945, R64347, 46.81" axle
R111944, R64348, 41.77" axle
R111943, R64346, 35.37" axle
R112834, R63911, Pinion shaft
R120957, R99359, R64345, Carrier
R92335, YZ121982, Planet gears
R121726, R92335 Planet bushing

John Deere Rear Axle, Housing, & Parts AR102236 AR102236 AR79991

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