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ILS Axle, Final Drive MFWD Hub Assembly
Please verify if you need Right or Left Hand Steering Knuckle

RE343622 Carrier
R555814 sub for R334414, Planetary Pinion x3
R555430 sub for R334399 Ring Gear
R334415 Drive Hub
R334386 12 Bolt Hub
R324796 Pinion Shaft
R560689 sub for R543207, sub to R560689 Retainer Nut
R550572 sub for R290303 or R167918, RH Knuckle
Related Parts
RE574236 sub for RE308018

8320R (S.N. 090001-170000), 8345R (S.N. 090001-170000), 8370R (S.N. 090001-170000), 8400R (S.N. 115000- ), 8R 340, 8R 370, 8R 410

$10,000 exchange or $12,500 outright

John Deere ILS MFWD Hub

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